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“Dear indie mobile game developer”

There are a lot of truths in this article about mobile game marketing, even if it makes slightly depressing reading. The main point is that developing a game is only part of the way to having a games company and without a marketing plan, or just being extremely (extremely) lucky, then making money is going to be hard.

A summary of the bullet points in the piece:

  1. You must accumulate data in a test market
  2. You must analyze the data you have collected
  3. You must iterate on the game based on the results of your analyses

The aim is to reach a high one-day return rate. 40% is mentioned as the starting point, but it really needs to be higher.

The two solutions for gaining users seem to come down to a) spend money on marketing or b) find a publisher who’ll take a large cut of the game and they’ll spend money on marketing. It’s hard to argue against these two being the viable planning routes.

Go and read the full piece.

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