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Jesse Schell on the Imminent Future of Consoles

Jesse Schell talks to Games Industry International about the next generation of consoles:

“There’s one mistake that they all make, and that mistake is listening to their customers”

He goes on to talk about how Microsoft may actually have made the right predictions for the future of consoles with the Xbox One, but their current customers don’t like what they hear.

“The thing that’s going to make the biggest difference in the next four years, say, is that someone’s going to come out with a great gaming tablet – a really grade-A tablet for games. Exactly what that means I don’t know; I suspect it has a separate hand controller, and I’m sure that it connects up to your TV no problem. I don’t know who’s going to make that, but it doesn’t smell like Microsoft, Sony or….. well, maybe, who knows what Nintendo has up its sleeve, right?”

Personally, I think the market for controller-based games is never going to be as big as it was – in the same way that keyboard-controlled games are never going to be as big as they were in the eighties. Everyone’s a gamer nowadays and as it’s feasible to produce approachable games for the mass-market it’s often cheaper and lower-risk for even self-identified gamers to pick one of those up and play it without either the financial or time overhead of learning a complex game system. I think he’s right that tablets are going to slowly erode console market share, but I don’t think there’s going to be anything with a separate controller that’s going to reverse that.

Read the full article on Games Industry International.

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