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About Wedu Games

Wedu Games was set up by Karl Bunyan to develop mobile and social games for the casual market.

Links to games will be added when they’re finished, but in the meantime here are some blog posts to help to fill up the internet.

Mobile Gamers Cost More Than They’re Worth

“Mobile Users Cost More Than They’re Worth” is the slightly pithy interpretation of this piece on Venturebeat titled “Developers, brace for a bloodbath: The cost of getting a new mobile gamer exceeds revenue that user generates“, which is a summary on mobile user acquisition costs versus spend published by Superdata Research. The short version: the average […]

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Is An Energy Mechanic Fun?

I think it’s fair to say that the energy mechanic is one of the more hated of the free-to-play game mechanics that have emerged over the past few years. In simple terms, the energy mechanic prevents a player from playing a game as much as they’d like to by allocating energy within the game and […]

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Mobile or PC Development?

Does Betteridge’s Law apply to the headline “Game devs ditching mobile in favor of PC, console?” (i.e. is the answer “no they’re not”?) The piece does raise some interesting points about risk vs reward, taking into account investment needed, piracy, and expected returns. The rough thrust, as I understand it, is: PC games can still […]

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Jesse Schell on Ideas in Games

Jesse Schell goes into some depth on a subject that I’ve long believed in: it’s better to tell other people your ideas than worrying about having them stolen. In bullet points, the reasons for this are: No one has time to steal your idea Even IF someone did steal your idea, by the time they […]

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